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Hazardous Waste – Birth Defects Developments

A small Californian town has reported a rise in birth defects – allegedly caused by the amount of hazardous waste dumped there.

Defects appearing in children like heart problems and cleft palates have been linked to the dangerously high amounts of arsenic found in the drinking water in Kettleman City, California and the amount of pesticides used on surrounding farms. There is also a massive toxic waste site a mile away from the town.

Council authorities are investigating these cases.

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Hazardous Waste is Dumped in Mum’s Garden

A worried mother-of-three has today called on council bosses to take action to remove rubbish bags filled with hazardous waste – presumably human waste – which have been mysteriously dumped outside her house.

About 20 rubbish sacks filled with a yellowish liquid, which appears to be vomit, has been discarded in the front garden of Wendy Smith’s home in Dereham Road, Costessey.

Mrs Smith, a telephone engineer, said she does not know exactly what is in the bags, but is concerned it is some sort of hazardous bodily waste and fears there may even be used needles lurking in the sacks.

The 39-year-old has contacted Norwich City Council about the strange sacks but has been told as her house is a private property she must dispose of the waste herself.

She said: “It’s just so frustrating that it’s my responsibility and no-one will do anything about it for me. I really don’t know what they bags are.”

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