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Hazardous Waste Disposal Report Goes live

Wednesday 19th November saw the release of the Environment Agency’s ‘Waste Information; 2007′ report and the hazardous waste removal blog has the breakdown below.

The report found that in 2007, England and Wales only used 60% of their permitted waste incineration capacity and the amount of waste sent to permitted treatment facilities stalled, after a five year increase.
The amount of waste sent for incineration in 2007 was actually 6% higher than in 2006 level at around 5.2 million tonnes, however the total capacity for incineration was much higher at 8.6 million tonnes.
Municipal waste incinerators made the most of their allowance but even they used just 75% of their capacity; incinerating 3,270,000 out of a possible 4,416, 000 tonnes of waste.
The report revealed that UK Material Recycling Facilities showed an 7% increase in the amount of input compared to 2006. Along side this, there was a rise of more than one million tonnes in the amount of waste sent for composting in the same period.
Landfill space running out
One of the most alarming sections of the report was that regarding Landfill sites and capacity. It revealed that London now has just three years left of landfill capacity at 2007 input rates, compared to as much as 13 years in other parts of the UK.
Despite waste management capacities not being reached, the figures show a consistent improvement in the handling and disposal of hazardous waste which is encouraging for the health of current and future generations; not to mention the planet!

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