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Sewage disposal in Swindon required

Gardens in a Swindon street have been flooded with raw sewage for over a week, due to a blockage in the drains.

Thames Water Authority has been unable to locate the blockage, leaving residents struggling with the consequences.

The seeping sewage in the town of Liden has left many resident’s gardens waterlogged since 27th April. Sewage disposal is now urgently required as residents have been describing the smell as “out of this world”.

The area’s water company have¬† apologised to families in the street and said it hoped to do a CCTV survey to locate the source.

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Hazardous Waste Regulations Broken – Cancer Spreads

Meigs County, Ohio has a problem. Hazardous waste regulations have been largely ignored by polluting companies nearby, and almost everyone in the town has been affected by cancer.

Resident Elisa Young said in an interview by the Huffington Post, “I’ve lost neighbors to lung cancer who have never smoked,” she said. “I’ve lost them to brain cancer, breast, throat, colon, multiple myeloma, pre-leukemia, arsenic poisoning. When my son, who’s in his 20s, came home to visit, he said, ‘Mom, is it normal for your mouth to taste like metal?’ We pulled over and he coughed until he got sick.”

The coal mines and coal plants nearby have been legally dumping coal ash – which was classed as non hazardous in 1988. It is only now that the Environmental Protection Agency is re-evaluating the actual dangers that coal ash might present.

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Hazardous Waste – Birth Defects Developments

A small Californian town has reported a rise in birth defects – allegedly caused by the amount of hazardous waste dumped there.

Defects appearing in children like heart problems and cleft palates have been linked to the dangerously high amounts of arsenic found in the drinking water in Kettleman City, California and the amount of pesticides used on surrounding farms. There is also a massive toxic waste site a mile away from the town.

Council authorities are investigating these cases.

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Hazardous Waste Disposal – the Green Way!

We make sure that all our hazardous waste disposal is as environmentally friendly as possible – any contaminated waste is stripped down into parts and each part is used for something else. So, the chemicals are rmeoved and put into other uses, the metal is cleaned and recycled and so on. Even dangerous chemicals can be cleaned and reused for safe purposes.

Ring the team for haz waste help on 0800 954 1551.

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